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Courses taught at Virginia Tech:

  • CEE 5164 :Environmental Biotechnology (Synchronized online course, 3-credit)
  • CEE 3104 Introduction to Environmental Engineering (Asynchronized online course, 3-credit)
  • CEE 4174 Solid and Hazardous Waste Management (Synchronized online course, 3-credit)
  • CEE 5100 Stormwater Treatment (Synchronized online course, 3-credit)
  • CEE 5984 Biofilms Science and Technology (Synchronized online course, 3-credit)

Courses previously taught at The Ohio State University:

  • 2010T Introduction to Renewable Energy (3-credit)
  • 2020T Bioconversion Systems (3-credit)
  • 2030T Biomass Feedstock Evaluation (3-credit)
  • 2040T Project planning, Development, and Operation (3-credit)
  • 2189T Renewable Energy Practicum (2-credit)
  • 2191T Renewable Energy Internship (2-credit)
  • 1201T Exploring Renewable Energy (0.5-credit)